Applying Embeddings to DNA KMer Matching

Posted on Thu 22 June 2017 in events

This week we began with code from the course in the beginners session (6-7). In the advanced session (7-8) we listened to an actual bio-informatics guru Phillipp Bayer talking about applying embeddings to DNA kmer matching as inspired by Mike's talk last week.

Jupyter notebook from talk

The …

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Getting AWS setup and the basics of attention

Posted on Thu 08 June 2017 in events

Great turn out this week and fantastic to see so many new faces. For Session One this week Alan did a great job of talking us through his trails and tribulations in getting AWS setup from a windows platform. The key takeaways were: Use the Windows Bash shell as opposed …

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How to use AWS? How to teach speech?

Posted on Thu 01 June 2017 in events

Thanks to speakers today Austin and Michael, and thank you to all those attending...special thanks to Jennifer for the treats.

June 1st meetup

Austin took us through session 1 and the trials and tribulations of setting up AWS. We discussed how to divide up data into test train and …

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Deep Learning with Sound and Lesson 4

Posted on Thu 25 May 2017 in events

Great meet up last week, thanks Grant and John for taking us through your recent work. In the meet up we covered part of lesson 4 with a focus on collaborative filtering and briefly touching on the area of embeddings NLP Representations word2vec Note these links just scratch the surface …

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